Saturday, April 21, 2012

What makes a Good Pushdown Banner? Avengers Rich Media on MSN France tells you.

Now that Pushdowns are being executed on nearly all publisher sites in India and are clearly being favored by advertisers, the Avengers rendition on MSN France is a great example of how the ad unit can be maxed.

Here are the top 3 takeaways from the ad:
1. Grab user attention with the pushdown strip. This can be achieved with a stand out color that pops against the publisher page background.
Instead of static copy or simple brand imagery, use animation within the unit or a sneak peek of the video.
Frequency capped auto expansion can also be used for this purpose but in that case a good practice is to limit the animation to 5-7seconds.

2. Tell the users what to do, upfront. More often than not, it’s good to tell users exactly what they need to do. Check out the animating ‘click to expand’ button on the Avengers ad. It can’t be missed. So your probability of the user expanding the ad unit and checking out the video of the trailer runs high.

3. Let the expansion initiate ‘On Click’. Don’t get the banner to push the page down as soon as a user’s mouse hovers around the area. Nothing is more irritating than rollover ad units constantly pushing the page down when you are attempting to read a story.
‘On Click’ initiation of ads that move the page around is good UX practice.

Respecting the user ensures that your brand doesn’t score high on the online irritability quotient

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