Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alpenliebe 2 Choco Eclairs On Facebook: Love and Share, Really?

Alpenliebe has a questionable ad on TV (but of course the best of the worst still remains Cadbury’s Gems!) and today they executed a takeover on Yahoo! India with Kareena staring around from every inch of space available on the home page and the TVC playing on auto repeat (sure makes for loads of video views for someone out there!). The brand doesn’t have a website and the ad leads to a Facebook Page where all the action has been unfolding since last week.

This campaign from Perfetti Van Melle is for the launch of new Alpenliebe 2Choco Eclairs (which has 2 distinct chocolate flavors, therefore the name).

The communication is ‘Love and Share’ which hardly comes through in the digital executions. The Facebook Brand Page hosts the Making of the Ad video and some Kareena Wallpapers.  

A short Teaser was conducted before the TVC launch with a ‘Guess What’s Next Contest’. Part of the TVC was played out and Fans were asked to guess the next possible sequence in the ad storyboard.

Remixing old songs, using Bollywood celebrities and hosting videos on Facebook. An imaginative product and a not so imaginative marketing campaign.
Sadly, this doesn’t seem like a Perfetti execution at all.

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