Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Branded Channel: Sunsilk Hair Expert Studio on Youtube India

Sunsilk’s Hair Expert Studio on Youtube is a superb branded channel. The zone loads with a chroma video rendition that plays around with the standard Youtube Video page. The pre-loader seems a tad pixelated though and the audio is non-user initiated (that’s a pet peeve of mine, if you didn’t already know).

The channel is a storehouse of expert videos.  There are videos doling out expert advice for nearly every conceivable hair problem. The background is that of a salon with the entire Sunsilk range on display. If you mouse over on the bottles short blurbs will tell you more about the product.

The site also has a few how-to demos and videos that talk about Keratinology and how this solution from Sunsilk actually works on hair.

The branded destination is in keeping with the ‘Sunsilk Co-creations campaign’ that Unilever has been promoting for nearly 2 years now.
It’s a great way of using existing content and a high reach platform and make them work.

On a separate note, I also loved the Sunsilk Expandable Masthead (rich media banner) on Youtube.

Visit Sunsilk’s Youtube Brand Channel:

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