Monday, May 21, 2012

Brands Love Yahoo! India’s Email Login Page Takeover

As a user, you may have seen Yahoo!’s Email Login page being transformed into a brilliant canvas, for advertisers looking for a zero-content & no-clutter zone for their campaigns. The reason why this unit works is the full-page creative real estate that guarantees eyeballs.

Little wonder then, that it has been embraced by brands from nearly every category like travel, auto, finance, consumer durables, retail and more.

In the past couple of weeks, Digital Camera brands have been trying to out-do each other across all ad turfs and digital is no different. Last week we had Canon and Nikon executing back to back takeovers. Do you have a favourite?
Canon's IXUS execution (first image above) has been my favourite till date.

The Best Practices for this unit, in my opinion, are:
a.) Get high quality static imagery to do all the talking, essentially a branded wallpaper
b.) Keep as little copy as possible, almost like a billboard.
c.) At best, embed a user initiated video
d.) All content and key imagery should be above the scroll, therefore optimise the creative basis screen resolutions.
The key is to avoid user dissonance and create maximum impact.

This looks like win-win ad product, if there ever was one.

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