Friday, May 18, 2012

Campaign Update: Canon ‘What Makes Us Click- My Video’ Contest On Facebook

As a part of the successful ongoing ‘What’s Makes Us Click’ campaign, Canon is promoting a new 'My Video' contest on its Facebook Brand Page, which (according to me), is a better idea & execution than the earlier launch version.

Fans can now create videos by picking any five A-Z reasons around what makes them click and submitting a related picture. The application then generates a video clubbing the images with a voice over and bytes from the television commercial. Users can view, share and ‘like’ existing videos which play out within a Canon Powershot View screen.
Every week, videos with the maximum ‘Likes’ stand a chance to win a Powershot.

I loved the execution! Right from the concept to implementation.

I have always been wary of user generated video contests w.r.t. the quality of content that gets submitted, but this one auto-creates a video with images that users upload.

A perfect click!
Check out Canon India's Facebook Brand Page for the latest contest:

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