Monday, May 14, 2012

Campaign Watch: HTC One. Quietly Brilliant. Indeed!

HTC is amplifying the HTC One launch in India on digital via rich media and Facebook presence. What I like about the brand is simple and clutter free communication. The brand essence is followed to the T across all digital platforms, which is a welcome change from the photo and copy overload we are usually subjected to.  

The HTC India Facebook Brand Page timeline is well-leveraged with topical polls, quality posts, images & videos from on-ground promotions at HTC lounges and product reviews & updates. The well-curated page currently has 1.1million+ fans.

HTC One's key communication being ‘as recommended by’, the application page shows user video recommendations and photos. Users can also share their ‘Memorable Moments with HTC’ on the page.

The HTC website follows the international template and has a superbly put together carousel with three videos. Explore the Phone Wizard on the Smartphones section. It is a different way of executing a recommendation engine.

Here are some other integrations and international brand resources from HTC of potential interest:

HTC One User’s Group on Flickr: (HTC One claims to have an ‘Amazing Camera’ so Flickr is a natural fit)

HTC Blog:
HTC Youtube Channel:

Quietly Brilliant. Indeed!

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