Saturday, May 5, 2012

Campaign Watch: Satyamev Jayate ‘Truth Alone Prevails’ TV Show

The media noise around Aamir Khan’s debut TV production have reached a point of no return – what’s funny is that all his interviews have the same content and say nothing about the TV show, except some elusive admissions around how the experience changed him etc etc.

This past week, digital promotions for the show gathered speed. Here is a look at some of the integrations.

The Satyamev Jayate Webpage is simple and effective. It plays out the promo videos and the eminently hummable and well written Anthem which is also called ‘Aamir’s Love Song for India’ and calls out the TV show launch date and time.

The Facebook Brand Page for the TV show, which has been live for a month now, has more than 530k fans and plays out the same vague Aamir Khan one-liners from the promos and behind-the-scenes shoot images and links to his media interactions.

The Facebook Page also hosts a contest ‘Dil se dekho, Dil se gao’ which invites fans to record the anthem in their voices and upload the videos on Youtube for a chance to meet Aamir Khan. Similar to the ‘Hum mein hai Hero’ promo, don’t you think?

The TV show also has a Youtube Channel which hosts all their videos.

The rich media promotions across publishers also lets you set an SMS reminder for the show.

The socially conscious, perfectionist movie star, has ensured he reaches out to everyone everywhere. The show airs 6th May (tomorrow) at 11am. 
 We are hoping it lives up to the hype.

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