Thursday, May 24, 2012

Campaign Watch: TVS Apache RTR 2012 Series Launch

TVS is experimenting with digital (is that a first?) for its latest campaign to promote the new 2012 Series launch of Apache RTR, which was unveiled end of April. The new bike, apparently, has better and 'beastier' styling and goes with the tagline ‘scarily fast’!

The key component of the campaign is
TVS Apache’s one pager site that brings together some brand videos hosted on Youtube , bike sketches and a Facebook Plug-in.

You would think that a one-pager would be simple to create, QC and manage, but unfortunately there seems to be a lot going wrong with this one. Design-wise, the Facebook Plug-in is an eye-sore on the dark page and the sketch images open in all kinds of dimensions. There is no intro and no communication for the user who arrives on the page.

Facebook Brand Page has very few posts and some nice desktop wallpapers, wondering why they are not on the site though...  

The campaign lends itself to some great ideas and executions online. We hope they rev up on their next digital ride.

Check out the site at:

And the Facebook page at:

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  1. As long as we keep doing these things under the context of digital advertising, it will reamain 1% industry.


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