Monday, May 7, 2012

Facebook App Roundup: L’Oreal Paris India and Garnier Pure Active

L’Oreal Paris India is promoting their new Color Riche Collection of lipsticks with shades that complement the Indian skin. The application on Facebook allows users to click on various shades and see how they look on Sonam Kapoor’s campaign shot. The rendition is basic but nice.

L’Oreal’s Facebook page currently carries archived Cannes 2011 stories ranging from red-carpet ensembles to make-up looks etc, in the run-up to this year’s event. It is also a great platform which the brand leverages to showcase their latest products (across hair care, skin care and cosmetics) and interact with users, responding to their queries and feedback.

Garnier Pure Active’s new campaign goes with the tagline, Bust blackheads and Zap Pimples. The products are cleansers, scrubs and roll-ons that help get rid of pimples and blackheads. They have created 4 characters that go by the names Don Blackhead, Sticky Suzie, Lil’ Don and Oily Omkar. The characters were introduced on the Facebook Brand Page with a comic book like feel and related polls to engage Garnier's 400k+ fan base. The posts are frequent and the characters are fitted into current themes to keep the content fresh and interactive.

The Facebook application is a game where users need to crack a puzzle to discover what the blackheads fear – don’t tell me you don’t already know! Finish this in good time to win hampers from Garnier Pure Active.

This brings me to the Poll question.

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