Monday, May 28, 2012

On Facebook: Pepe Jeans India ‘Are You Pepe? The Search’

The premium casual wear brand - Pepe Jeans, is looking for people that share the same characteristics as their defined brand identity, in their latest campaign (rather dubiously titled) ‘Are You Pepe? The Search’.

The campaign introduction video on the Facebook Brand Page, calls out Pepe as the aspirational ‘dude’ with charm, class & wit. The campaign mainstay is a contest hosted on Facebook that requires fans to participate and score maximum points on various levels - Attitude Aptitude Quiz, Head Turner and the Face of Fame (not live yet). The top 10 contestants get to face-off and the winners get a chance to live ‘the Pepe life’ in London for 7 nights.  

Pepe’s Attitude Academy gives pointers around what it takes to be a Pepe – which includes one-liners and infographics that are hardly classy!

I really like the creative imagery and elements (borrowed from the international campaign). The contest has been executed well, though copy, unfortunately, borders on the banal at times and the application page refuses to open on some browsers.

The Twitter handle for Pepe Jeans India has regular contests that gratify followers with branded merchandise, London related trivia and Pepe Pointers which are ‘we know what’s cool’ one-liners.

Pepe Jeans is also one of the rare brands in India that has a Pinterest Brand Page. I missed seeing the latest collection on their Pin Board, though. 

Check out the Facebook Brand Page here:

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