Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pantene India’s New Facebook Application ‘Let’s Un-Frustrate’

Ladies! Pantene India is promoting a new application on its Facebook page called ‘Let’s Un-frustrate’. The communication that the campaign looks to drive, is the fact that stress is one of the root causes (pun intended) of hair fall and greying.

Pantene’s Frustration Meter Application asks some simple questions about the content on the television commercial and print ad props, ranks you on the frustration meter and recommends Pantene products that you should use. The more right answers you get in the lesser time, the better your rating…
This execution, for me, is not as interesting as the earlier Pantene promos in terms of both the core idea and the creative rendition.

The hair care and latest style updates on the Facebook timeline are topical and relevant. Fans on the brand page have grown from 180k at last count (5 months back) to 260k+

What is also great is that the Twitter, Youtube, Facebook integration and Brand Website links are not hidden in layers of content and are all prominently called out and assets are interlinked. Believe me, this is rare!

Also check out the brand website at: http://www.pantene.in/

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