Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brand Integration: MTV and Intel present ‘Tripping on your Sound’

MTV has designed a couple of great integrations for Intel Ultrabook which is the presenting sponsor for its unique music show, Sound Trippin.

The website has the usual photos and videos from the weekend show, where music director Sneha Khanvalkar discovers sounds from across India.

What stands out on the microsite are the sponsor integrations, especially for Ultrabook, directed at music lovers.

The Intel MTV ‘Trippin on your Sound’ web app employs Facebook Connect and lets users create their own track by selecting beats, tunes and effects. These tracks can then be saved or shared on Facebook.
It’s a slick, faultless application.

The second integration on the site calls out the USPs of the Ultrabook via quotes from Sound Trippin’s host Sneha, links to Intel’s Youtube Videos and Intel App Up Music Downloads.

This is a good example of a brand weaving in contextual integrations and sponsorship to drive product engagement and promotion.

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