Monday, June 11, 2012

Campaign Update: Parachute Advansed World’s Best Hair

The latest Parachute Advansed television commercial closes out with a link to the brand’s Facebook Page instead of the Website. Testament to the fact that social media presence (or should we say Facebook) is now a very important element in tactical campaigns for brands. So much so, that they are willing to promote a third party platform instead of their owned web asset.

To be fair, the new campaign featuring Deepika Padukone, has a concept that lends itself to an execution on a social/sharing platform. The campaign hinges on a ‘Pass the Sash’ concept where users can share the ‘World’s Best Hair’ sash with other Parachute Advansed users they know. This is brought to life through a Facebook Application. Users can select a friend, add the sash to their profile picture and pass on the Badge. They can also choose to create a video compliment by selecting a few pictures and copy from a given list of options, which then renders into a video. The application also has a Sash Map that tags places in India where the Sash has travelled, on Facebook.
A great example of a campaign where television and web work in sync.

Since last count, the Facebook Brand Page fans have grown three-fold to more than 300k. The timeline has useful updates on haircare and latest trends in hair styling in addition to promo updates.

Check out the application at:

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