Friday, June 15, 2012

Campaign Watch: ITC's Fiama Di Wills Men

Since the last couple of months we have seen a lot of action on digital from ITC’s men’s grooming brand Fiama Di Wills Men, starting with the website launch on a Google + Hangout & Facebook integrations and now a banner campaign across key publishers. That’s great news coming from the Indian consumer goods behemoth.

The website is refreshing and stands out with dynamic rich background imagery and a host of shareable ‘widgets’ that cover content genres that Men would like to engage with. Essentially you can look at the site as a mash-up of engaging content bytes taken from sources like Men’s Weekly, CricBuzz, Healthizen etc and covering categories like Sports, Style, Tech, Music, Trivia and so on. I love the concept and the execution. You can of course find product details for Fiama Di Wills’s Aqua Pulse range. A section called ‘The Edge’ covers articles on Men’s Grooming.
One of the better brand websites that I have seen in a while.

The Youtube Page starts out with a thematic animation and leads to the Facebook page for Aqua Pulse.

The current mainstay of the Fiama Di Wills Men Facebook Brand Page is the Face of The Year 2012 contest. It’s a simple execution where participants need to upload their pictures and share their details. I am uncomfortable with applications requiring you to share all kinds of personal information and this is one of them. The contest is also being promoted through some great webcam integrated rich media on some publisher sites.

The Facebook wall posts leave a lot to be desired but frankly I am not sure how many fans engage with random posts from brands anyways. This might be a good research topic.

What intrigues me is that there are 2 Facebook Brand pages with similar communication and objective. One for Fiama Di Wills Men and one for Aqua Pulse with similar number of fans and no differentiating content.
As a marketer I would look to integrate and optimize and not duplicate. But then that’s me!

Don’t miss the Website:

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