Monday, June 4, 2012

Campaign Watch: Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch in India

Samsung is going all out for the launch of its 2012 flagship Galaxy S3. The communication is ‘designed for humans and inspired by nature’ and the executions are hinged around the key USPs of the phone.

What started out with pre-launch buzz via #talkawayS3 trending on Twitter for a few consecutive days last week, pre-launch mailers and an interesting Yahoo! email login page takeover, has culminated into a full-blown launch on digital this week.

The launch event was live-streamed on May 31, a recording of which you can find here: and on Samsung's Facebook Brand Page.

Samsung executed full page takeovers highlighting the Pop-Up Play functionality on Yahoo! and MSN and a Video Masthead on Youtube.

The Samsung Galaxy India website attempts to showcase functionalities of the phone via a speech recognition application which sounds exciting but doesn't open for me across browsers.
Thats odd as all rich media leads to this page.  Also from whatever little opens on the website, the copy leaves a lot to be desired.

The promo on Facebook (similar to the #anythingforjetta execution from Volkswagen last August) succeeded in creating a lot of social media buzz before the launch. The ‘Talk it Away’ application got users to post what they would do for the Samsung Galaxy S3, share it with friends on Facebook & Twitter and viral it along to friends. Each activity got them points and a chance to win the S3. 

Parts of the campaign seem rushed. Heres hoping we get to see great executions from Samsung through this month and that the website starts working.

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