Wednesday, June 20, 2012

‘Find Better’ with Monster TV on Youtube

Update/Correction: The Monster TV execution is a Youtube Gadget which helps brands create more engaging experiences for users within a Youtube Channel interface. 


It’s refreshing to see traditional performance advertisers make a shift to brand advertising online. has been on nearly every publisher home page this week and on Television as well, with their new ‘Find Better’ communication. With this campaign Monster promises to deliver better jobs, connections and services to both employers and Job Seekers. 

In addition to the basic rich media executions, they have also gone live with a host of brand videos on a Youtube Brand Channel called Monster TV

The Channel is a simplistic execution with the television commercial playing out on an unnecessarily long purple monotone page, post which users can choose their Monster Buddy from an existing list to ‘find better’.  There is no explanatory copy on initial frames and Buddies have vague titles, so you don’t know what to expect and therefore there is no real parameter for ‘choosing’.  

Buddy videos give users details on various useful & quality videos available on the platform which Job Seekers can benefit from, for a more informed job hunt.

I just felt that instead of facilitating my video search, the interface was making it more complicated. But maybe that’s just me. I prefer the old school Video Listing page  that allows me to choose videos I wish to view.

As an extension to the television commercial messaging, the Youtube Channel Gadget also has a ‘Send Monster Luck to Friends’ e-card application.

Visit the Youtube Brand Channel:     
While you are at it, also check out the Monster India Facebook Brand page:  

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