Monday, June 4, 2012

Vaseline Men's Face Off with Shahid On Facebook

Vaseline Men has worked out a social media element to its 'Face-Off with Shahid' campaign promoting its Men’s Fairness Cream.

As an extension to the television commercial, the Facebook Application asks Fans to share pictures with winning poses which they can take through a webcam or simply upload. They can share their poses with friends and upload multiple poses for a higher chance at winning daily and weekly prizes. Fans can also vote for existing uploads and view Videos hosted on Youtube.

The application is simple, well developed and tied together. It opens out on a new window, so you don’t lose track of the Brand Page. Brand Posts on the Facebook Timeline also give participants helpful cues on what poses they could be considering for the Face-off.

With over a million fans, the hardwork seems to be paying off for Vaseline’s social media custodians.

The Youtube Brand page hosts some pre-recorded videos via an open audition in Mumbai.

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