Saturday, July 21, 2012

CAMPAIGN WATCH: Unilever’s CLEAR brings its international digital assets to India

Hindustan Unilever launched a new formulation called Nutrium 10 for its global anti-dandruff shampoo brand, CLEAR, which was created in partnership with leading dermatologists. The formulation is a result of an intensive and first-of-its-kind scalp analysis survey conducted by the CLEAR Paris Institute.

The new campaign picks creative elements from international Unilever digital platforms with minimal localisation. This of course is resource effective and scalable but I am not sure if that works with respective local audiences.

The executions have been worked out around the key brand communication of helping consumers move towards a healthier, dandruff-free scalp.

The rich media Masthead on Youtube, live yesterday, was slick, packed with information and very well executed. It had a simple game where users needed to point & shoot dandruff flakes on the banner within 30 seconds and the settling frame had the TV commercial video, Link to the Facebook Brand Page and also directed users to find out more about the Free CLEAR Scalp Camera Test that HUL is conducting at various on-ground events.

The Facebook Brand Page and website are both subsets of the international CLEAR PARIS executions. 

One of the localised elements on the Facebook page is a ‘CLEAR Dandruff-free Stylish Hair Award’ application that gets fans to vote for their favourite Cricketer with CLEAR hair. The application asks for your phone number and email address even before you vote. I could do with one less spam email/ phone call so I didn’t move ahead on this one.

The Website showcases all CLEAR variants with benefits and provides more information about the Nutrium technology. It also has a 3 Minute CLEAR Scalp Test in a Q&A format. I liked the Scalp Care Specialists section – it’s well laid out and is rich with hair-care information, articles & quick facts.

Check out the Facebook Page at: 
And the Website at:

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