Saturday, July 14, 2012

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Cocktail: Good content is always good to share

Showbiz and Social Media have a natural connect. As we already know, the Film Industry is one of the key content drivers online and what better than social media to create buzz. It therefore makes absolute sense for Movie Production houses to use their content and create interest around their latest releases online. Especially since first weekend collections make or break movies nowadays.

In the recent past, we have seen promo and song launches on Youtube for mainstream movies (latest examples being Ek tha Tiger/ Jism 2), actors taking to Twitter & Facebook to push websites, song promos and movie reviews to their fan base. 

This week’s release, Cocktail, primarily targets the urban youth/multiplex audience and Twitter, Facebook, Youtube seem like a perfect promotional fit. Reason why they have successfully used an active Twitter Handle (@joinus4cocktail) and a well-managed Facebook page for the movie, to drive fan engagement and interest.

The Facebook page debuted two months back and since then has been the hub for access to popular songs of the movie, lyrics, exclusives images, dialogue promos and links to book tickets.
Engagement promos include a Fan music review contest, Cocktail Slot Machine where fans can try their luck and Cocktail Flames where you can select a friend and the application tells you what relationship you share with him/her.

The Youtube channel for Eros Now hosts full-songs and ‘making of’ videos on the Cocktail Jukebox.

Social Media integrations were topped-off by rich media on a few publisher home pages last week as a run up to the movie premiere.

This one is absolutely a well put together campaign.

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