Thursday, July 19, 2012

Product Microsite: Kellogg’s Corn Flakes' ‘Great Start Great Day’

The new Kellogg’s Corn Flakes campaign with brand ambassador Sakshi Tanwar now has a web presence. The ‘Great Start Great Day’ microsite is an extension of the communication ‘shuruwat sahi to din sahi’ which is playing out on TV commercials.

With this campaign Kellogg’s is targeting the Indian homemaker, positioning the product as a healthy and nutritious breakfast option for the family.

The microsite provides details on the available variants (some of which are distinctly Indian in flavor) and their nutritional value.  The site also hosts a variety of simple customized cornflakes recipes. Visitors can also watch the TV commercial videos.

There is little else. Sections like ‘Make your own Bowl’ and Testimonials haven’t gone live yet.

I have seen a targeted media campaign on some leading web publishers pushing the site out to consumers.

The creative and layout are clean & effective but the site doesn’t pack a lot when it comes to content. Unless they have some material that engages or adds value, it would be difficult to create or sustain any consumer interest. Hopefully that will change soon as new content & sections get added.

Check out the site at:

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  1. Why r brands still thinking of thwir web strategy as a microcosm and by way of a microsite. Who visits a microsite. What is the reach of a microsite? Whats the engagement level? Whats the architecture to evaluate ROMI?Sad to see brands still using arcace microsites as modes of brand resonance.


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