Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rich Media This Week

A very tepid week for rich media executions, but fret not! I discovered the most amazing Madagascar 3 takeover on Yahoo! Spain last week which more than makes up for the lack of ideas back home.
Don’t forget to check out the video for some inspiration.

 Youtube India Home Page
What: Video Masthead
When: 23.07.2012
Advertiser: Ice Age 4

 Yahoo! India Home Page
What: OTP with Video
When: 24.07.2012
Advertiser: Garnier Men

 Indiatimes Home Page
What: OTP with Skinner
When: 24.07.2012
Advertiser: Garnier Men

Where: Youtube Home Page
What: Expandable Masthead
When: 27.07.2012
Advertiser: Myntra

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