Thursday, August 30, 2012

Branded Program: TATA Nano’s first-of-its-kind Online Merchandise Store on Ebay India

This one is for all TATA Nano fans out there. The near iconic car from the TATA Motors stable now has a new branded merchandize page on, which is its latest attempt to reach out to Nano brand enthusiasts online.

The e-store lists interesting Nano branded dry-fit T-shirts for men and women, caps, Titan watches, pen drives etc. My favourites though are the delightful scale models, Nano shaped key chains and the optical mouse which just seems like the perfect design fit.  

The display page created on Ebay leaves a lot to be desired from a user interface and web layout standpoint but this first-of-its-kind online store is a fantastic idea and an impeccable fit for the brand. What is refreshing is that brands are looking beyond the tested options for media integrations and thinking out-of-the-box.

Tata Nano’s Facebook Page is running a Vote & Win contest where fans get to decide what merchandise TATA Nano makes next by voting for their favourites. Options include a destination mug, fridge magnet, Rubik's Cube, mousepad and key chain.

TATA Motors plans to manufacture three most-voted items and put them up on the EBay store. 100 lucky fans who vote also stand a chance to win the most popular item. The Facebook page currently boasts of nearly 1.9 million fans.

Ebay is also offering free shipping for the units so check out the Nano Deals Zone rightaway:

Here is what I will pick from the store :)

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  1. These kind of publicity is necessary to make famous the product in common people.Nano has already become a iconic car or symbol of the transforming mode of transport of rural Indians.


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