Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dove India’s Youtube Channel packs in great content

After Sunsilk's Hair Expert Studio integration, HUL has again used Youtube’s video platform to create a utilitarian social interface targeting the Dove Woman.

The current gadget on the Dove India Channel page on Youtube promotes the Dove Hair Care range. Videos include Indian and International Dove Hair TV ads, easy hairstyle demos, hair-care expert tip videos for coloured/damaged hair and ‘how to apply’ guide videos for Dove’s hair mask and serum products. The channel has been created in association with Femina. The videos are laid out in a functional carousel format and they open in theatre mode.  

The Youtube Channel page is a one-scroll design content rich execution. The page also links back to 'Freedom from Hairfall' promos running on Dove’s Facebook page and brand website.

Youtube’s Home Page Masthead unit has been used in the past to push awareness for this channel.  

It is a neat execution through and through. Don't you think?

Check out Dove India's YouTube Channel here:

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