Sunday, August 5, 2012

Media Trend Spotting: Indian Advertisers ‘Like’ Facebook Logout Ads

Facebook logout ads are fast becoming the new Youtube Masthead and Yahoo! Email login page for Indian online media planners in terms of acceptance and quick off-take. And why not? The unit does have a lot going for it. Just this week we saw an execution (a first) from Hindustan Unilever for Fair & Lovely Max Men and today there is a topical Airtel Friendship Day ad.


Here is why the ad unit works:  
1. You can’t miss it:

The large format ad unit that takes up the entire first scroll is definitely high on impact. This works exactly why the Rediff Mail logout banner works.  

2. Non-intrusive:

The unit keeps the Timeline look so there is format salience with what the user has already seen. There is no real content on this page, so the chances of the user getting disturbed with the branding is low. The action is user initiated.

3. Rich Media enabled:
The unit is video enabled. Once the user clicks on it, the video opens in theatre format. Advertisers can also add other branded imagery if required.

4. Social:

Users can watch the branded video and check out comments, likes, shares etc. Much like on a Youtube page.

5. High on Reach:

Facebook’s reach is unquestionable in India with a near 51million UU spread which constitutes nearly 83% of the 61million online audience in India (according to Comscore, June 2012).
6. Easy to Execute:

All the designer needs to share is a static Timeline image. Couldn’t be easier.

In days to come, we should see advertisers and media agencies lapping up this unit for launches and topical/ event based takeovers.  

A sure win from Facebook. 

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