Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rich Media This Week

This week Sony worked out some high quality imagery to go with their neat rich media executions for Bravia and Star Plus took over publisher home pages and used the Facebook Logout ad to promote its latest weekend show, Arjun.  The Sony executions were my favorite.

Where: Yahoo! India Email Login Page
What: Takeover with Video
When: 13.08.2012
Advertiser: Sony Bravia

Where: Youtube Home Page
What: Masthead with Video Carousel
When: 14.08.2012
Advertiser: HUL Sunsilk

Where: Moneycontrol Home Page
What: Pushdown with Video
When: 14.08.2012
Advertiser: Sony Bravia

Where: Home Page
What: Sidekick
When: 16.08.2012
Advertiser: Purvankara Provident

 Where: Facebook Logout Page
What: Video Takeover
When: 17.08.2012
Advertiser: Star Plus

Where: MSN India Home Page
What: Weekend Roadblock with OTP
When: 18.08.2012
Advertiser: Star Plus

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