Friday, August 24, 2012

Rich Media Watch: Samsung Galaxy S3 creates a great experience on Yahoo! India

The only way to reach end customers (in addition to of course a high-reach media vehicle) is to create an innovative experience for them. Samsung has given us some great rich media executions across online publisher platforms in the past couple of months for the S3 launch and the buzz continues with a great execution on Yahoo! India today.

The chroma video takeover creates a story around the S Beam and Social Tagging features of the phone, smartly using Yahoo! India's home page layout.

In the end, the execution grabs your attention and engages you. Great flow, well shot and well put together.

Check out the video or view it live on
Yahoo! India.

Also remember to keep checking back on the Powering Brands Youtube Channel for videos of rich media executions from across the world. I keep adding new videos every week.

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