Tuesday, August 7, 2012

THE OLYMPIC SERIES: Hero Gaming Olympiad On Facebook

Hero Moto Corp is the latest to enter the Olympic brand-wagon with their 'Gaming Olympiad' on Facebook which launched on their brand page last week.

The application called 'Bring out the Hero Within' is essentially a set of 4 simple online games (powered by Zapak.com) based on Hockey, Boxing, Athletics and Table Tennis. To add a dash of competitiveness to the games, the highest scorer for each of the games gets to ride away a Hero Impulse.

The flash games are typical Zapak executions where you manoeuver your game/avatar with keyboard keys and mouse actions. The programming is great but the creative and design of the game setup lack appeal.

Check out the Games on the Hero Moto Corp Facebook page: Facebook.com/HeroMotoCorpIndia/

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