Wednesday, August 8, 2012

THE OLYMPIC SERIES - Naukri creates The Big Clash with Hari Sadu On Facebook for Jobseekers

Who would associate Olympics with But apparently there is a connect with the games Indians are good at and boss bashing. takes its, now iconic, Hari Sadu concept to a Facebook Game Application called ‘The Big Clash – Hari Sadu Vs You’ and ties-in India’s Olympic medal favourite sports Archery, Boxing and Shooting. The application hosts 3 games Flex The Bow, Knock Him Out and Pull The Trigger all of which have Hari Sadu as the target and lets you hit him to clock up a good score.

The 2 minute multi-level games are addictive. There are rejoinders from Hari Sadu when you hit him, but you hardly notice them as you are busy playing! I saw them only when I was done with the game. I especially liked the Shooting and Archery games.

I get dismal scores in online games but if you are competitive there is a leaderboard that tracks scores. You can also invite Facebook friends to play.

On a side note, the content on’s Facebook Brand page could be better. Some posts are unintentionally hilarious! Like the one that says ‘Staying glued to our desks can cut off the creative oxygen supply’!!!
Enough said.

But check out the game, it has context unlike the Hero execution. 
Heres the link:

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