Saturday, September 15, 2012

Campaign Watch: Asian Paints' Beautiful Homes Guide

Beautiful Homes Guide is the latest promo on the web from Asian Paints and is being pitched as the solution to all your questions as you go about giving your home a makeover this festive season. The Paint Planner section on the Asian Paints website lets you select the right colours and products for your home, budget your expenditure and promises to make the process of transforming your home easier.

All you need to do is share your name and email address to register and get started. The site gives out options of rooms you wish to repaint. Post selection, the tool shares tips and latest trends in textures and motifs. The entire Asian Paints colour palette with a range of wall finish options is available on the site. Once you select your favoured option, the feature wall on the demo room showcases the look. The application also has expert recommendations on colours matching your choice.

Selected options get saved in the My Home My Colours section and are emailed to the user.

The useful guide also shares tips around painting process, post painting care and gives out a price list. You can print the guide or share it with friends on Twitter and Facebook. You can also calculate your budget and find Asian paints dealers nearest to you. 

Since last year, Asian Paints has started getting more active on digital platforms. It first started with rich media banner buys across publishers, smaller Facebook integrations and now with the Beautiful Homes Guide it comes a full circle by creating a platform that’s useful and also engages the consumer with all the information in immediate access.

The application will need progressive refining as and when user feedback starts kicking in, but this is a great execution. Maybe they could look at Facebook integration as a next step.
And then Pinterest.
We’ll keep hoping!

Till then check out the Paint Planner at:

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