Saturday, September 1, 2012

Featured Promo: Samsung Galaxy Tab2’s 'The Useless Bid' Contest

After the media blitz for the Galaxy S3 (which still continues in spurts), Samsung India has shifted its focus to the Galaxy Tab 2. The product is being pitted as the one gadget that has it all and will replace the Television, Phone, Camera and Laptop (tall claim huh!). This theme continues across online activations which, from whatever I have seen, are very very good.

Take for example the excellent Tab2Bid promo site which hosts the ‘The Useless Bid’ online contest. The host of the video-led site called Ryan (a prototype of the end-user) presents the theme of the contest in the intro and you are introduced to his home where he is auctioning off his old gadgets as the Tab2 has replaced them all.

Users need to click on a gadget they want to place their bid on, leave their contact details and quote the lowest price to win the Tab 2.

The experience is first-rate, the execution is clean and video interjections from the host guide the user through the contest. The videos seamlessly integrate with the site flow.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab2 promo and let me know if you agree (and even if you don't) :

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