Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Original Web Series: Cybergeddon On Yahoo! India

Cybergeddon, a one-of-its-kind original series produced exclusively for Yahoo! that went live late last month, is the latest production from famed CSI creator Anthony Zuiker. The web series explores the world of cyber-crime and threats and has been produced in partnership with Norton Symantec (which I thought was a superb contextual connect). 

The web experience for Cybergeddon has been kept uniform across Yahoo! worldwide. The immersive long scroll page, brings together all elements for the series including character detailing, photos, trailers and original show videos in one smooth transition. Social plugs include Facebook fan base and Twitter updates. I love the final frame of the page that calls out the series tagline – There is no ESC.

The show content is slick and the story gripping and high octane, in parts.

You can check out Cybergeddon on Yahoo! India and download the companion game app available on Android and Iphone. This is a great integration to build intrigue around the story and entice users who consume content across devices. 

Cybergeddon is being promoted through plugs across Yahoo! India Movies and takeovers on the popular Yahoo! India Email login page.

Is this the beginning of a new trend of creating engaging, big budget, made-for-the-web content? If yes, we are in for some exciting times. With video consumption on the rise in India, hopefully a production house will take a cue and we will have some home-grown video based series soon.

Don't Miss Cybergeddon on Yahoo! India: In.cybergeddon.yahoo.com/

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