Thursday, October 11, 2012

Raina’s Formula On Facebook: Adidas Cricket’s latest Application

Not the best of times to have Raina as the brand ambassador, but a campaign has to run when it has to run.  

The latest Adidas campaign featuring Suresh Raina promotes Adipure Trainers, (the five fingered shoe) which apparently is the closest you can get to training barefoot and avoid injury.

Adidas Cricket’s Facebook Brand Page hosts a new contest to add some excitement to this promotion, where fans need to share a picture and quote of their winning formula, in tune with the tagline ‘I train to finish the game’.
Winners could win Adidas merchandise autographed by Suresh Raina. Participants can also view a gallery of uploads on the
application page.

I have always liked Adidas creatives, and this promo is no different. Though content wise there is a similarity to posts on Nike’s brand wall, the creative elements are all high quality. Considering both Nike and Adidas are riding on cricket, there should have been an effort to differentiate.  

Check out the Adidas Cricket brand page here: and let me know if you disagree J

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