Thursday, December 20, 2012

Campaign Watch: Like it? Trendify It, with Nokia Lumia 510

Nokia wants you to create social media trends, through its latest campaign. The new Nokia Lumia 510 is a phone packed with Social Features and the key campaign message aims to drive this home with its target audience, which (of course) is the youth. So they take a Twitter terminology, put an Indian colloquial spin on it and call the campaign ‘Trendify’.

The campaign promo site aggregates current trends that have been generated through the site, arranged across key pre-identified themes. All users need to do is login via Twitter/ Facebook connect and share what they like. A personalized page pulls together all the trends they started. All posts have social plugins for sharing and commenting. Top contributors every week get a chance to win the phone.

What I love about the campaign are the interesting ideas that have been executed. One of them is the Trendify It Browser button, which users can install and add to their browser. So every-time you are on a video or article you like, you can immediately use the Trendify It button to share the link. Absolutely cool and a logical extension.

Also when you look through a trending item and click on the original external link to the page, the Trendify header stays with you on the external link. Brilliant and consistent.

Another campaign extension is the Youth Anthem, where Nokia has tied up with W.O.R.M.E. Fest and is searching for a musician or band that can create an impactful and fun Anthem.

Do you love the campaign as much as I do?

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