Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rich Media This Week

None of the rich media executions stood out this week. Renault though created a neat takeover for Duster on Yahoo! India, but they have done a similar rendition before for the Scala.

Where: Yahoo! India Home Page
What: Takeover
When: 17.12.2012
Advertiser: Renault Duster

Where: Facebook Logout
What: Takeover
When: 21.12.2012
Advertiser: Bajaj Finserv

Where: MSN India Home Page
What: 300x600 expando
When: 21.12.2012
Advertiser: Renault Duster

Where: Youtube Home Page
What: Masthead with Video
When: 23.12.2012
Advertiser: Hyundai

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