Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rich Media Watch: Unilever's Clear on Yahoo! Brazil

This week's rich media dose starts with a great execution by Unilever's Clear on Yahoo! Brazil. User has an option to select the product for women or men and the home page content quads transform into related branded content.

Check out a video of the execution below for some inspiration! 

On Facebook: Dabur Vatika

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Facebook Brand Page for Dabur Vatika, considering Dabur is the CPG behemoth that every digital publisher and agency worth its might has tried to break into, with very little success since many years.

It was just a matter of time though, what with every one of their competitors making their presence felt on digital. Also, if they are looking to reach out to the younger TG with new brand ambassadors, they need to be on the medium that addresses that audience. I just hope the digital foray doesn’t just begin and end with the Facebook page and that they explore and innovate as they go along.

Most of the Facebook Brand Page experience (with around 75k fans) is fashioned as an informational and provides details around the Vatika Hair Care product range that includes Hair Oil and Shampoo variants.

There isn’t much two-way interaction on the Brand Wall yet. Though users keep leaving their comments, there aren’t any responses from the brand apart from promotional Wall Posts.

The Nourishment Meter kept throwing up errors for me across browsers.

There is a Vatika Shampoo Contest application where you select a Shampoo variant and get a related tip and need to leave your co-ordinates for a random weekly winner selection. There is an execution issue with the contest flow and how the text renders on the application. And of course my usual gripe of not being able to go back to the brand page from the application.

But of course, it is a beginning.

Check out the Dabur Vatika Facebook Page at:

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rich Media This Week

This week saw some amazing rich media with executions from Slice and Expedia standing out. Check out my picks from the week.

Where: Yahoo! India Mail Landing Page
What: Takeover with Video
When: 21.02.2012
Advertiser: Apollo Munich

Where: The Times Of India Home Page
What: OTP with Video
When: 21.02.2012
Advertiser: ICICI Lombard


Where: Yahoo! India Home Page
What: Video Wall
When: 22.02.2012
Advertiser: Expedia

Where: Sify Home Page
What: Takeover with Pushdown
When: 22.02.2012
Advertiser: Expedia

Where: MSN India Home Page
What: OTP with Skinner
When: 25.02.2012
Advertiser: Mahindra Xylo

Where: Youtube Home Page
What: Expandable Masthead with Game
When: 25.02.2012
Advertiser: Star Movies

Where: Hindustan Times Home Page
What: Interstitial
When: 25.02.2012

Rich Media Watch: PepsiCo Slice, Katrina Walkover

On 21st February 2012, Slice executed a superb, never done before, rich media across three publisher home pages. The idea was for the user to follow Katrina across three home pages on the same day. This was achieved by using mirror links for the live sites across MSN, Indiatimes and Sify for a seamless user experience.
The rendition was smooth, clean, eye-catching and innovative. This was my favorite execution of last week.

The objective was to amplify the new Slice UTC promo with Katrina. This was a well-planned execution, where Chroma Videos of Katrina were canned with the objective of using these on the web.


On Facebook: STAR MOVIES 'Home Of The Oscar'

In the run-up to the Live Oscar Telecast tomorrow morning, Star Movies India has been pitching itself as the ‘Home of the Oscar’ and rightfully so. The Star Movies Facebook Fan Page catering to its 540k+ fan base has some interesting applications and engaging bytes around the Academy Award.

Oscar Fever section provides schedules of Oscar winning movies that have been showing all through February on the channel, culminating with the premiere of Black Swan on 27th February, prime time.

The Oscar Predict and Win promo clubs on-air and web, giving fans the opportunity to predict the Oscar winners across categories online and then answer a question during the live telecast to win. But again, once I am inside the application, there is no link to take me back to the Fan page. It helps to cross link.

The most interesting part for me was the Oscar Charades application. It is a fun, word guessing game where you need to guess the names of Oscar winning movies basis hints provided by the videos. Except for some corny actions by anchors when you get the movie name right (what's with that bow and flying kiss everytime!), the idea and execution are super!

I spent some 10minutes on the application trying to get the right answers so this is sure to get other users hooked as well. Youtube carried a rich media masthead with a pared down version of this game yesterday.

Highly recommended.

Check out the Star Movies Facebook Page:
And don’t miss the Charades Application:

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rich Media Watch: Oi TV on Yahoo! Brazil

Yahoo! Brazil is on a roll and a site to watch for new and interesting rich media executions. Every other week there is something different on the home page. Live today is an Oi TV takeover. If you miss seeing it live, check out the video below.

Cadbury 5Star Presents 'THE DATE FILLUM' On Youtube

I have never come on board with the Ramesh-Suresh Cadbury 5Star television commercials but the brand channel on Youtube certainly stands out for its fresh idea and execution.

THE DATE FILLUM is a unique 5 part interconnected web video series created by Cadbury using the now-famous television commercial characters, Ramesh & Suresh. The story flow and concept highlights the campaign communication ‘Lost in 5Star’ where the objective is to get the protagonists to meet their first dates. After every 90seconder video, the user can choose from a couple of options that then further the plot and lead to the next story.

Total video views have crossed 2.2million and the channel has been around for a couple of months now. The drop-out is around 50% after the first video.

A big shout-out to Cadbury who created the video content exclusively for web consumption! This is the kind of video content that will stand-out and work for brands on the web, re-runs of TV content is passĂ©  and done to death.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Hero MotoCorp’s latest 'Heroes for Hockey' Campaign

If you didn’t know already, the Indian Hockey Team is rocking it at the Olympic qualifiers (FIH Road to London) with definitive wins in the last couple of days. The one sponsor that has stood by the sport in India is Hero MotoCorp. Their new ‘Heroes for Hockey’ campaign with the communication ‘Phir Dil Do Hockey Ko’ is front and center across their digital assets.

The Hero MotoCorp corporate website
proudly calls out the association, lists the match schedule and links to the Facebook page for interactivity.

The campaign hinges on the Facebook Brand page which is low on mindless clutter and high on engagement and innovation.

Fans can wish the Hockey Team luck via a neat Heroes for Hockey application. You could select a message and it gets onto a wall with your display picture. The user experience is great.

There is a cool
Indian Hockey Timeline that calls out landmark dates for the sport and its most famous men.

There’s also a fun ‘Hero Hockey Hungama’ game created by BCWebwise. It’s all about getting player placement and angle right to hit a goal. I rarely enjoy online games but this one is right up my alley! 

Great ideas and a very refreshing campaign.

Show your love.
Check out the brand page on Facebook:
And the Corp Website:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rich Media This Week

This week it was Dell Inspiron rich media across all home pages. But the one execution that stood out for me was Tourism Canada on Yahoo! IN News. The rendition was brochure-like, which was user initiated from the Logo strip and you could flip across pages in the expanded area. The images were a tad pixelated but guess that's the ad weight challenge every designer struggles with.

Where: Yahoo! India Home Page
What: Takeover (OTP with Skinner)
When: 14.02.2012
Advertiser: Dell Inspiron

Where: Hindustan Times Home Page
What: Interstitial
When: 15.02.2012
Advertiser: LIC

Where: Indiatimes Home Page
What: Interstitial
When: 15.02.2012
Advertiser: Chevrolet Beat

Where: MSN India Home Page
What: Takeover (OTP with Skinner)
When: 16.02.2012
Advertiser: Dell Inspiron

Where: Sify Home Page
What: Rollout
When: 16.02.2012
Advertiser: HP

Where: Youtube India Home Page
What: Masthead with Lrec
When: 17.02.2012
Advertiser: Dell Inspiron

Where: Indiatimes Home Page
What: Video Innovation
When: 18.02.2012
Advertiser: Perfetti Van Melle, Centerfresh Actisport

Where: Yahoo! India News
What: Takeover
When: 18.02.2012
Advertiser: Tourism Canada

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rich Media Watch: Peugeot on Yahoo! Brazil

Another superb rich media execution on Yahoo! Brazil. Its user initiated and it stands out.

Friday, February 17, 2012

On Facebook: Garnier Pure Active

Facebook seems to be the go-to destination for beauty brands in India. Dove, Vaseline, Neutrogena and now Garnier which is promoting its Pure Active range on Facebook.

Apart from skin tips & product promo Wall Posts, the Brand page (with nearly 165k Likes) has a Product Profile page, Spot Busters Videos which are short snips of people using wild objects to get rid of their pimples.

Interactive elements include Report a Friend Application where you can select a friend, their picture, and what they would likely use to get rid of their pimples (options being sandpaper and plunger among others!) and post on your wall. What was the objective, again?

Fans can also share their anonymous embarrassing stories on the Pimple Secrets section.

The V-Day promo page is still on, which ideally should have either been removed or reworded.  

More of the same.

I wish brands would put some more thought and look to stand out in the clutter of same old, yawn inducing, Facebook Brand Pages.

Till that happens, check out the Garnier Pure Active Brand Page:

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Campaign Watch: Vedanta 'Creating Happiness'

Vedanta’s Creating Happiness TV spot is undoubtedly the best of the current on-air lot. What stands out (apart from endearing little star Binno’s story) is the good intention behind this CSR campaign, coming from the largest mining company in India.

The Creating Happiness website details all the commendable community initiatives and sustainable development projects that Vedanta is spearheading in local areas that they operate (in tandem with NGOs and Government).

The campaign objective is to get the youth involved and create awareness about how much more needs to be done. Towards this end, Vedanta is conducting a unique Short Film Competition where college students and budding filmmakers from across India have submitted films, telling uplifting stories of families and communities in the 550 villages that Vedanta has a presence.

All the 38 three minute films have been uploaded on the Youtube Brand Page for users to view and vote. The entries are well-edited and the content quality is quite good.

There will be 3 winners selected by the Jury and 3 via votes on Youtube. Voting is on till March 20th. 

The site also has Blog posts by the participating students writing about their filming experience and what this initiative means to them.

Apart from facilitating content creation, Vedanta is also inviting students to design a trophy for the winners.

What an amazing campaign, end to end.

'Like' Creating Happiness on Facebook:
View Contest Videos on Youtube:
Check out the Creating Happiness Website:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rich Media This Week

Here are some shots of Rich Media this Week.

Where: Youtube Home Page
What: Masthead
When: 05.02.2012
Advertiser: Cadbury 5Star

Where: Yahoo! India Home Page
What: Innovation with Skinner
When: 06.02.2012
Advertiser: DishTV

Where: Yahoo! India Mail Login Page
What: Takeover with Video
When: 06.02.2012
Advertiser: Maruti Suzuki DZire

Where: Sify Home Page
What: Rollout Banner
When: 10.02.2012
Advertiser: DishTV

Where: MSN India Home Page
What: OTP with Skinner
When: 11.02.2012
Advertiser: Skoda Rapid


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brand Promo Page: Perfetti Van Melle’s STOP NOT

In addition to the Centerfresh Actisport campaign last week, Perfetti also promoted its new snack STOP NOT via video executions across key publisher home pages. The rich media campaign is still live on most websites.

The overall digital campaign is pretty simple with a promo single pager that details the flavour variants of the snack and announces a story contest of irresistible run-ins with Stop Not that users may have had.

The page also links to the Perfetti Facebook page which currently lacks content action (and therefore fans) and Youtube Brand Channel which brings together Perfetti product TVCs.

But what I liked most about the campaign was the sync video executions specially on Youtube and MSN.

Check out the promo page here:

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Rich Media Watch: Honda Civic on Yahoo Brazil

Honda has been taking over international home pages in style with rich media this past week. Heres a great execution on Yahoo! Brazil for the Civic.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Campaign Watch: 'Celebrate Life' with SBI Life Insurance on Facebook and Youtube

With the financial year closing and Union Budget round the corner, Finance category advertisers are upping their marketing spends and campaign action across media. It’s interesting and refreshing to see these advertisers (who have traditionally been extremely performance driven) also execute brand and social media marketing campaigns.

One such brand is SBI Life Insurance, whose ‘Celebrate Life’ communication is being pushed across Social Media over the last few months.

SBI Life’s brand page on Facebook
has been running ‘Share a Photo’ Contest for their 135k fans where users can submit pictures of celebratory moments of their lives and garner as many votes as possible from their friends. Pictures with maximum votes stand a chance to win a personalised Photo-Mug. Winners are announced religiously every week. They also have a similar ‘Share a Video’ contest which doesn’t have many takers. The Brand Page Wall serves its purpose by addressing user queries around procuring new policies and other product details.

I really like the layout and execution of the Brand Channel on Youtube. The landing page starts with a couple of animated videos. The video playlist caters to consumers (TV commercials and funny viral videos), employees and insurance advisors including videos of SBI Life in the news. Really well thought out.  
They also executed a Home Page Masthead on Youtube with a carousel of videos earlier this week.

You can also Follow SBI Life on Twitter for the latest product updates if you fancy insurance :)

Have you seen other interesting finance category brand campaigns? Drop me a note and I'll check them out too.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rich Media Watch: Honda CR-V on MSN US

Honda CR-V executed a Sidekick on MSN US which showcased the Super Bowl TV commercial featuring Matthew Broderick, images of the vehicle and the Facebook promotion they are running.
Check it out below for some inspiration!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brand Website: Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire

The brand website for the newly launched Maruti Suzuki DZire is underwhelming. In a buzzing Auto category space on the web with cutting edge executions, the site design, layout and overall rendition leaves you wanting more.

I also feel it is a huge step down from the site that existed before the re-launch, which was slick and seamless.  

The smallest of things…who keeps white unreadable font on a light blue-grey background? Why does the pre-loader play every time I want to come back to the home page?

The content is laid out in a basic, static format and covers everything that a user would typically want to know - specifications, price, dealer locator, brochure, downloads and the works. As a user, I missed a feature comparison with the old DZire.

The Facebook brand page (which has hit 1.5lakh fans) is doing a good job of engaging users and providing content updates.

The launch webcast by Virtual Studios was smooth, as we have come to expect of their work. The DZire website carries a video of the launch in case you missed it.

As far as the website goes, it may be back but it’s certainly not better.

Check out the site at:  

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rich Media This Week

This week Perfetti Van Melle literally hijacked the rich media scene with Centerfresh and Stop Not and what a way to do it! Amazing executions all across. 

Where: MSN Home Page
What: Video Innovation with Skinner
When: 01.02.2012
Advertiser: Perfetti – Centerfresh

Youtube Home Page
What: Video Sync Innovation
When: 01.02.2012
Advertiser: Perfetti – Stop Not

Where: MSN Home Page
What: Video Sync Innovation with Skinner
When: 02.02.2012
Advertiser: Perfetti – Stop Not

Where: Sify Home Page
What: Video Innovation with Skinner
When: 03/04.02.2012
Advertiser: Perfetti – Centerfresh

Where: Youtube Home Page
What: Video Masthead
When: 04.02.2012
Advertiser: SBI Life

Campaign Update: Mahindra XUV500 Story Contest

Mahindra XUV500 has launched a new online contest in line with the campaign communication ‘May your life be full of stories…’

The contest page has a Youtubesque look with some trivia questions around the TV commercial and a story contest where participants are required to share life stories they would like to create with the XUV500. There are XUV500 coffee table books up for grabs.

Users can view a few ‘making of the TVad’ videos and a 90sec uncut version of the TV commercial – which is a Tarzan meets Axe Angels story that I haven’t been able to fathom. That's unfortunate, considering the digital creatives are really well done, specially the website.

The Facebook brand page aims at building a community of XUV500 fans and has already managed more than 250k of them.

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Active Raho! CenterFresh ActiSport’s Online Campaign Blitz

Perfetti’s media executions are always entertaining, never boring. They have stayed true to the same irreverence when it comes to their online assets as well. The Happydent Wave site has been one of my favourite website executions in the recent past

This time, for CenterFresh Actisport, Perfetti predominantly used media innovations to drive home the central campaign thought.

We saw amazing chroma video renditions across key publishers all of last week. Disruptive rich media ads were created that pulled through the television commercial’s ‘Mallakhamb’ act, using publisher home page tabs and quads innovatively.

All online media led to the television commercial on Centerfresh’s Youtube Channel. The Channel itself is very basic with just the video and a branded skin. The TV commercial though signs off with the Perfetti website link.
I'd think the two teams didn't talk to each other :)

I haven’t seen any other execution online and guess that the objective was to drive awareness and get more people to check out the commercial.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lay's Baked debuts On Facebook

PepsiCo launched Lay’s Baked crisps targeting young, health-conscious women, late last month. The health snack category has been burgeoning with new launches since the last few years, with PepsiCo’s Aliva and more recently Britannia Nutrichoice, being significant among others.  With growing consumer awareness for healthier snacking options, there is only one way to go for this category, up.

Its early days, and they’ve started with a (no prizes for guessing!) Facebook Fan Page which promises to build on the brand communication of ‘100% fun’ and has the TV commercial on it for now.
Check it out at:

Remains to be seen what we see of Lays Baked on digital. I just hope it doesn’t begin and end with the Fan page.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rich Media Watch: Nokia Lumia on MSN UK

Two back-to-back Rich Media Watch posts and both featuring MSN UK, amazing everyday, yeah! Today its the Nokia Lumia rich media rerun on the MSN UK home page. Check it out!

Rich Media Watch: Mazda and MSN UK

Mazda executed another awesome home page takeover, this time on MSN UK. Heres a video of the execution.

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