Tuesday, February 19, 2013

LinkedIn celebrates with members after crossing the 200million mark

LinkedIn crossed the 200million member mark worldwide in 2012 and thereafter went live with a smart campaign to promote the fact, which has gone viral (as was intended, I would think). They used the premise to come up with an interesting infographic that showcased trivia like membership numbers from across the world, most common names, most viewed profiles etc.


Mailers to existing members were used to drive them to a nicely done one-pager that called out the achievement and thanked them for their patronage.

What made the initiative go viral, I would think, was the clever customisation. Mailers were targeted and carried a personalised stat with bragging rights that users would want to share. The one-pager also carried a pre-programmed message that could be posted on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Super, I say!

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