Sunday, March 10, 2013

E-commerce digital advertising in India: Trends and Observations

E-commerce in India has been the consistent buzz word since the last couple of years, spawning a whole new generation of entrepreneurs and marketers with new ideas. The category, after the initial rush, is slowly consolidating with existing players now looking to define their unique propositions and stand out from the crowd in a bid to survive.

On the web though, most marketing has been me-too with hardly any attempt to innovate. In most cases, as a consumer, I am unable to differentiate between brands, as the copy, design, campaign themes seem to roll into one. Even the platforms tend to be the same. Not to mention some seriously incredulous offers. Check out some advertising units I captured since the last couple of months. 

Ad units for Clearance Sale

Ad units for specific Offers 

This competitive category will surely benefit from some fresh thinking in digital marketing, considering this is the one medium that gets them maximum immediate eyeballs and conversion.

Current user trends point towards Jabong and Flipkart to be the category leaders with Flipkart being the more solid and engaging site considering it also leads on time spent with nearly no random advertising.

Check out the infographic I created below, with the available Comscore data as of January 2013.  You can click on the brand names to see the related graphic. 

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