Saturday, May 25, 2013

Campaign Watch: Vodafone creates buzz with its Super Fan IPL campaign

Negative hoopla around IPL notwithstanding, key brand sponsors are still amped up and going all out with interesting ideas. The biggest buzz is around Vodafone, with the brand leveraging the popular cricketing event to come up with one brilliant promo after another.

Currently, in addition to the excellent ZooZoo Music Video TV commercial, Vodafone has a digital promo called the ‘Fan Photo’. The
microsite created for the promo is first-rate with a high quality panorama view of the stadium that users can zoom into. As a part of the campaign, Vodafone clicks images of fans at the IPL cricket stadiums through their ‘Fan Cam’ and populates these on the site. You need to select a game, search and tag yourself in the fan photos (after Twitter, Facebook or Email authentication). You can tag your friends and share your tags on social media.

Vodafone India (@VodafoneIn) is using ‘promoted tweets’ to share latest campaign updates. The brand is also connecting fans with cricketing greats through the Super Fan promo on Twitter. Fans can share questions using the hashtag #vodafonesuperfans and selected questions get answered through a live phone call.

The promo extensions on the microsite are equally smart and provide a layer of engagement on the site. There are simple applications where fans can create personalized postcards to be shared with friends or participate in a fun game to look for hidden ZooZoos in the crowd and win prizes. The ‘Wish You were here’ application allows fans to upload their picture and get it added to the crowd.

The ideas are good but the execution is flawless, innovative and engaging, as we have come to expect from Vodafone.

Check it out at  and let me know if you think differently.

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