Sunday, May 26, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 rich media pauses video when you turn away

To showcase the ‘Smart Scroll’ and ‘Smart Pause’ features on its new Galaxy S4, Samsung India is using innovative eye-tracking technology on its rich media ad units to give users a sense of what to expect.

The new features enable users to move the screen up and down and pause videos with eye movements on the phone, and the banners mirror these.

On Friday, Samsung executed a rich media takeover on Yahoo! India where users could control the video with eye and hand movements. Once the webcam was activated, every time you would look away from the screen the video would pause and with a hand sweep movement from right to left the next video would start playing.

The descriptive copy made it simple to follow and experience the ad. The same execution is live today on the Youtube Masthead. Check it out! 

Till this technology reaches the next level of sophistication where it is able to track where we are looking on the webpage and how much time we spend on viewing a banner (*shudders*), this is the best of what eye-tracking currently has to offer for rich media experiences.   

Great work by Samsung!

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