Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Inspiration: 5 Creative and Stand-Out Facebook Cover Photos

Over the past year, brands have realised the potential of the large Facebook Cover Photo branding real estate available to them. It is a high impact space to creatively project brand themes or communication, engage fans and also hook first time visitors with an attention grabbing visual. The key to a great cover photo would be to keep it current and well designed with as little copy as possible.
Here is a look at 5 striking brand cover photos on Facebook, in no particular order.

Vodafone ZooZoo
Fans: 12.3million
This one is just adorable and funny. The imagery is current, from the latest Vodafone TV commercial, and the profile photo has a ZooZoo with an air gun pointing to shoot at the balloons on the cover photo. Excellent.

Café Coffee Day
Fans: 3.7million
Café Coffee Day’s new branding is vivid and young and this bright imagery continues on their Facebook page where the profile photo and the superb cover photo are completely in sync.

Fans: 12.87million
This one just speaks for itself. The logo and the product, you really don’t need anything else.

Thomas Cook
Fans: 318k
A clean imagery that says 'holiday' like nothing else does.  

Fans: 1million
Jabong created this new cover photo after reaching the 1million likes milestone on Facebook. The nice sketch creative commemorates the happy Jabong family of fans.

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