Monday, June 17, 2013

Nissan India introduces the first look of Terrano through a Twitter Contest

Nissan India executed a Twitter Teaser to launch the first image of their new compact SUV Terrano, which is believed to hit the market by end of 2013.

The interesting teaser was formatted as a contest where participants had to tweet with the hashtag #Terrano to unlock the image. The campaign theme was ‘Where will you take it?’ and there were Blackberry phones and other hourly goodies to be won in addition to the big ‘preview drive’ prize.  

The tweets unlocked pixels on the car image and one could hover on the tiles to check out older tweets. This is a great idea and one that has been executed before, but what stood out for me was the clean execution.

The microsite landing page creative was simple, compact and compelling, which brought all the elements of the promo together. The page had the key image of the SUV, a Tweet box pre-populated with the #Terrano hashtag and a bottom filmstrip that showcase tweets from and directed-at @nissan_india 

I discovered the promo through Nissan India’s promoted tweets. 

Nice teaser and now I am waiting to see ‘where Nissan will take it’ for the launch! 


  1. Nice one! Liked it.

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