Monday, August 5, 2013

On Facebook: Nivea India’s Kiss and Make Up application

Kiss and Make Up is a new Facebook application from Nivea, promoting its moisturising lip-care range comprising of nearly 15 variants! Wow, never knew so many existed!

The application landing page has an explanatory video (with non-user initiated audio) that sets the tone for the app. Once the user is logged-in through Facebook, they can create their Make-up Diary by choosing a friend and a Nivea lip-care variant from 6 options, each with a different diary design and message. The message content could be more customized since all the options seem to have a similar language.

Users can edit and personalize the diary with notes, pictures and videos and share. 

In the run-up to Friendship Day, they got Parineeti Chopra to tweet the link out, in addition to pushing the app out to the 533k fan-base on Nivea India’s Facebook page.

Some of the standalone design elements look good, though the overall layout seems to have rough edges and lacks finishing. This is a major issue with most digital brand executions. The quality of the branded destination very rarely matches the initial concept.

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