Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Campaign Watch: Nescafé, It all starts with a blank canvas

Nescafé has done it again. They’ve come up with an uplifting, near 2 minute, video story on the life of a cartoonist who doesn’t lose hope after losing his job.

’s flagship instant coffee brand goes by the credo ‘it all starts with a Nescafé'. The brand used this campaign premise last year for a similar video execution, the success of which I think, would have spurred extension of the idea to the new film.

The narrative and direction is stellar and so is Vikrant Massey’s act, which goes on to show that it is not always just the idea that counts, great execution sets it apart.

The video was amplified through a Promoted Tweet yesterday and the YouTube video already has a million+ views. Watch it here.


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