Friday, January 22, 2016

Campaign Watch: Carat Lane celebrates Women Of Mettle

Carat Lane recently celebrated 7years in business with a smart campaign celebrating their main target audience. You guessed it. Women!

The #WomenOfMettle campaign pays tribute to women who make a difference in our lives. The social campaign got people to nominate and share stories of women who inspire them. The campaign trended right on top on Twitter. The fact that there were Carat Lane vouchers to be won helped the cause.

The campaign microsite featured informative statistics and nuggets pertinent to women in India and a TwineSocial plugin that brought together #WomenOfMettle posts from across Social Media. 

Short topical burst on social media, yet a great way to drive impact and get people to take notice. Sometimes getting the idea right and keeping it simple, is all it takes to stand out.

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