Saturday, January 16, 2016 and Ponds pick YouTube Video Masthead Widescreen ad unit for their ad films

Good News! Indian Advertisers are exploring minimalism when it comes to rich media.

The seamless video experience on the YouTube Masthead widescreen, full-bleed ad unit stands out for its clutter free, high impact, video-only rendition. The video is on auto play mode with muted audio. The reason it catches your attention is that the entire masthead ad space is taken over with the video and the only copy is the video title or key brand communication.

I haven’t seen many brands go with the widescreen video option in India but this week alone two brands used it to advertise their ad films which makes me want to believe that advertisers are making the right choices rather than cramping an ad unit with every bit of their branded content.

Sulekha launched their 1:30min #AntiJugaad brand film with this ad unit and the only copy on the banner was the hashtag/ tagline (to connect back with their social campaign). Today Pond's used the same ad unit to advertise their TV commercial. on YouTube Masthead

Pond's on YouTube Masthead

Let’s hope the good run continues. 

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