Thursday, January 25, 2018

Campaign Watch: Adidas #ORIGINALS is never finished

The thing about a good concept in advertising is that it continues to give, year after year, season after season.

In a bid to continue building upon (iterating and creating, as the thematic puts it!) their very successful and award winning ‘#ORIGINALS is never finished’ campaign, Adidas Originals has come up with a new brand film for Spring 2018 partnering with 10 of the world’s most influential creators including Dua Lipa, Playboi Carti, Nick Young and A$AP Ferg, targeting a new generation of Adidas customers.

The campaign continues the good work Adidas started with a focus on
originality and the need to continue to build upon ‘what came before to create what will come next’. This is metaphorical for the brand promise and the product range that is an extension and refresh from last season.

YouTube is of course at the front end of the digital campaign and leads to the very visual Adidas Originals website.  

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