Sunday, February 18, 2018

Campaign Watch: Oriflame’s #SkinResolutions2018

Oriflame launched its new Optimals range with Swedish natural ingredients that provides a tailored solution to specific skincare needs. The brand video is beautifully shot. Check it out on their Beauty Diaries microsite here

As a part of the launch, Oriflame set up a social campaign in January to get users to take their #SkinResolutions2018 with a chance to win the new Optimals products all through January. Users needed to select from a list of resolutions and generate a personalized skin resolution image that they could share on social media.

Social media posts from their brand endorser Kalki Koechlin 
was a great tactic that helped accelerate the campaign and provide visibility. 

Considering Oriflame is a multi-level marketing company, social media and digital campaigns like this are a great tool to increase footprint and generate leads.

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