Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Campaign Watch: Maggi Kitchen Journeys

The campaign I’ve loved watching roll out in 2018 is Maggi Kitchen Journeys. NestlĂ© partnered with Zee Network earlier this year to come up inspiring stories of women across India who made a difference to their lives (and those around them) with cooking.

The thing about focusing on relevant and quality branded content is that you can devise an integrated media strategy to take the brand thematic to the customer as a next step, because it is content and good storytelling that resonates. Good content usually works across the board. In this case Nestlé leveraged TV, social media and the ubiquitous YouTube.

The series started mid-July and ended a couple of months back, but all the videos are available on YouTube to watch. Unfortunately, they haven’t created a YouTube playlist for the series (definitely something to consider) but check out the 12th episode here . 

The theme of the series was #kuchacchapakrahahai (something good is cooking), which does a great job of summarizing morale boosting stories the series brought together. The episodes celebrated women who brought their dreams to reality through sheer hard work and cooking skills. 

The production values are great including the choice of host, the ever ebullient, Renuka Shahane. The format is predominantly Q&A interspersed with recreating stories in a fictional format, followed by the guest cooking- with the inevitable Maggi masala plug.  I must say that the format is engaging, and the life stories of the women are uplifting. A complete win from a content perspective.

Screenshot from the Maggi Kitchen Journeys website

In addition to videos, the Maggi website takes the campaign a step further with learning courses that can help anyone take the first step to building their own food business. There is also a Maggi Wall of Fame where participants can share food recipes and ambitions to get featured. Surprised I haven’t seen a social media version of this, could have been a great Instagram concept in my opinion! 

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