Friday, July 3, 2015

Campaign Watch: Mahindra Gusto ‘Kisi se kam nahi’

Mahindra & Mahindra’s Two Wheeler Gusto has a tagline that says ‘Kisi se kam nahi’. I would add to this and say their digital work is better than most!

Mahindra Gusto has a really well laid out website. As you get in, the TVC video is available to view in 'theatre mode' which is great, since you cannot miss it. My only quibble is that this should be frequency capped. You can of course close the window and get into the site if you’ve seen the video earlier. 

Mahindra Gusto Website snapshot
What is great is that all the information that you need to know about the product, as a consumer, is available right there in the first scroll - on the nav bar and right link tabs. Users can browse through product features, colors, price and request for a test drive all on the same page. Simple, effective visual design and easy to navigate UI make this one a winner. 

The brand also executed a very neat Yahoo! India Email login page takeover. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Campaign Watch: Mother Dairy’s Summer of Happiness

Mother Dairy is beginning to actively pick up digital integrations as a part of their campaign construct after big spends on print and TV. The only significant digital campaign that I remember from the dairy behemoth is the ‘Virtual Christmas Tree’ promotion for their Ice Cream.

The latest Summer of Happiness campaign nicely addresses the entire dairy product portfolio. Content integrations woven around local celebrity endorsements was the theme for print and I wondered why the same material wasn’t used on digital platforms. Now we have a digital extension to the same campaign which includes a digital destination, YouTube Channel, Facebook and Twitter brand pages. 

Summer of Happiness Microsite

The content centers on celebrity chef Vikas Khanna’s quick recipes incorporating Mother Dairy products. The videos are available on the YouTube Channel and branded microsite. The promotion includes a contest called ‘Recipe of Happiness’ where users can submit their own recipes using Mother Dairy products, upload a picture and win. The contest is being amplified through their social media channels.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rich Media Watch: Emirates on Yahoo! India Email Login Page

Emirates took over the Yahoo! India Email Login Page in style on Monday, 16th March.

I particularly like the Video Wall takeover ad unit on Yahoo! India's Email login page because of the clean impact and high visibility it offers. You cannot miss the ad unit and there is no content clutter to distract you. The video plays out in full-screen as you sign-in to your email account with a user-initiated audio option and prominent pause and close buttons.

Emirates showcased their TV commercial on this ad-unit and did a great job with the landing page and the overall rendition.

Check out the video capture below and more such interesting rich media renditions on the Powering Brands YouTube Channel.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cadbury Perk Vs. Nestlé Munch: Who comes out on top?

An entertaining battle of wafer chocolates is being played out on YouTube and Twitter as we speak. A fortnight back, Cadbury Perk released a funny TV commercial taking a dig at Nestlé Munch through a father-son story.

Not to be left behind, Nestlé India posted a hilarious ‘Munch ka Punch’ video on YouTube yesterday spoofing the Perk commercial. That’s not all, Nestlé is going all out today on Twitter with #munchkapunch promoted Trend and Tweets on Twitter.

This is a great strike-back from Nestlé.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Piaggio's experiential web showcase for their 2014 India Auto Expo stall

Many auto brands used digital media activations through the last couple of weeks, to highlight their presence at the 2014 India Auto Expo. Digital integrations and promotions sure helped them reach larger audiences and increase footfalls to their stall (hopefully).

Piaggio created a one-pager on the Vespa India website to showcase their latest technology, cutting-edge mobility solutions and product range. A 360 degree view of their Auto Expo stall in an amazing full-screen rich media format is available on the webpage. It is as close as one could possibly get to the real experience of getting to the see the stall up-close, sans the crowd. Engagement features include auto or click-to-rotate and zoom functionalities to view the finer details.

The experience is clean, fluid, high quality and simply put, brilliant.

MSN India home page rich media takeover promoting the special page

Instagram pictures tagged with #piaggioposenwin from the on-ground activations are also available to view on the special section.

What do you think of this execution?
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