Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bajaj Motorcycles re-imagines their online presence with a visual campaign for Avenger

Bajaj Auto not only updated their Avenger line-up of bikes, they have also refreshed their digital presence with a new attitude. Bajaj’s cruiser range Avenger is now available in 2 variants, Street and Cruise. 

To go with the positioning of the brand, the Avenger microsite is a visual delight. The videos on the starting and transition frames are a brilliant touch. The animation is slick, the full screen imagery and content is top notch. There are videos and detailed feature sets available with a 360degree view of the bike. I missed a zoom-in feature that would let me, as a consumer, get a close view of the bike. 

Bajaj Avenger Yahoo! India Home Page Takeover 

It is getting increasingly vital for Two-Wheeler brands to re-imagine their digital presence. They cater to an audience that is highly engaged across digital platforms. Building interactive and rich experiences is imperative if they want stand out in the clutter. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Café Coffee Day promotes new High5 menu with a ‘Hand Out’ Challenge

Café Coffee Day (CCD) has launched 5 new ‘light and fast bites’ starting at 39 dubbed as ‘The High 5’ menu. The campaign elements include five unique hand gestures for each of the menu items, which is an obvious connect with ‘High 5’, and a rather ingenuous ‘Hand Out’ Challenge game (if you can call it that at all).

This game of chance, involves picking a random hand gesture (from the 5 listed) and if what you pick matches the system generated one, you stand a chance to win free food from the High 5 menu.

Adding a simple gamification layer to contests is an engaging way to promote short burst campaigns. A game like this one, for example, could work within rich media banners as well negating the need to create elaborate microsites for this sort of execution.

Targeting the youth demographic in specific Geos, CCD chose Social Media to promote this campaign.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Renault Kwid Reimagines Digital Customer Engagement with a Live Virtual Demo

In an extremely competitive Indian marketplace, auto brands are reimagining customer engagement through digital executions like no other. Case in point is Renault India’s brilliant, first-of-its-kind Virtual Showroom for the newly launched hatchback, Kwid.

The rendition is simple; it is the idea that is compelling.

The Kwid Virtual Showroom microsite is a visual, full screen experience playing a short video that gives you a peek into the Live demo. Users need to provide their contact details to register for the Live Demo scheduled every hour from 9am-9pm. 

This is a great way to give potential buyers a virtual, engaging view of the vehicle, by appointment, similar to what they would experience in an actual dealership, without the touch and feel of course. The streaming quality is great and seamless. In addition to increasing reach, this definitely accelerates (pun intended) the customer journey from awareness to interest even without a showroom visit.

The UI is well thought out and rendered, with clear call to action at every step. This will be a real win for Renault if they are able to see an improvement in their customer conversion percentage from enquiry to actual test drive.

Nonetheless, this is a fine example of how to create a clutter breaking digital Auto buying experience. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Campaign Watch: Nescafé, It all starts with a blank canvas

Nescafé has done it again. They’ve come up with an uplifting, near 2 minute, video story on the life of a cartoonist who doesn’t lose hope after losing his job.

’s flagship instant coffee brand goes by the credo ‘it all starts with a Nescafé'. The brand used this campaign premise last year for a similar video execution, the success of which I think, would have spurred extension of the idea to the new film.

The narrative and direction is stellar and so is Vikrant Massey’s act, which goes on to show that it is not always just the idea that counts, great execution sets it apart.

The video was amplified through a Promoted Tweet yesterday and the YouTube video already has a million+ views. Watch it here.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Campaign Watch: Tata Sky+ Transfer pre-launch teaser campaign

Tata Sky, one of the leading DTH service providers in India, recently launched an innovative solution Tata Sky+ Transfer for avid users who want to stay updated with their favorite TV shows anytime, anywhere. The product targeted at metro and Tier 1 cities, is a Wi-Fi enabled set-top box and digital video recorder which can transfer recorded television content to a customer’s personal device including a smartphone and tablet directly through the Tata Sky app.

The brand created a pre-launch teaser campaign microsite which I found really compelling. This is a great example of storytelling done right. To establish need, Tata Sky has created personas of typical TV content addicts in a family, called the Transferkars, where different members like different kinds of content and are competing for the TV remote. The characters have been defined visually and through fun teaser videos published on YouTube.

The idea packs a punch and the execution is just right.

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